Bihus.Info unites anti-corruption projects created by the NGOs TOM 14 and the White Collar Hundred.
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Welcome to the website of the most powerful project of the White Collar Hundred, the Declarations. It is the largest database of declarations of public officials in Ukraine.

What does it mean?

We collected all electronic declarations. We added around 25,000 of old paper declarations we had manually digitized and proofread. As a result, we got the largest and most popular database in Ukraine.

There’s more to it though.

We've added a deep, flexible, full-text search. You can find anything in the declaration.

We have added a subscription. Interested in updates on new declarations from a specific official? Do you want to get all the new declarations with Bentleys? Sign up and you’ll get them on your mail as soon as they appear on the website.

The website now features a “comparison” system (like an online shop). Want to find out which of the two bureaucrats is richer, or see how an official’s earnings have increased over the years? Easy.

We have developed chatbots so you can search and study declarations on your mobile device.

We have a system of "red flags" highlighting suspicious declarations.

And our super-feature: all data added to the system data is embedded in the Qlik analysis system. Which lets you perform miracles with the data. Any kind of analysis of all declarations in Ukraine can be done in minutes.

Use it, research, study.

With gratitude, the Initiative Group of the White Collar Hundred.

The project was developed by Denys Bihus, Dmytro Chaplynskyi, Olha Makarova, Artem Hluvchynskyi, Volodymyr Flionts, Andriy Ulyanenko, Dmytro Nechyporenko, Andriy Turyk, Dmytro Hambal, Hlib Kozak, Volodymyr Hotsyk, Oleksandr Botetzatu, Ihor Ruban, Kyrylo Zakharov

The authors express their gratitude to the Public Lustration Committee and the CHESNO Civil Movement for their assistance in collecting declarations