Через істотну модернізацію Реєстру НАЗК, декларації, подані з 01 січня 2021 року - на сайті відсутні. Це тимчасово.
Якщо цей текст зник - все знову працює!
Bihus.Info unites anti-corruption projects created by the NGOs TOM 14 and the White Collar Hundred.
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Expose lies about wealth and assets

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Want to know who has more money? Add declarants to the comparison list and see the analysis for different indicators. To start the comparison, find several declarations and click "Add to Compare"
Follow the changes or appearance of new documents with the help of our service. The information will be sent to email or RSS. To create a new task, try to find something, and then click Monitor Request.
For those who like numbers and graphs we've made some cool analytics and divided them into 8 sections for your convenience
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